Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wish List

I just watched a review by BentleyBlonde on You Tube for this makeup company. I am in love with the packaging. As I have said before, I love some pretty packaging! I love the water, yeah I say love a lot its a problem. I do own a thesaurus that I will have to break out.
Anyhoo, love the website of the company Lots of Blue!!! The shadows are a bit to pricey for me to check out with out further research on the company. I'll let you know if it turns out to be a bad company. I fell in love with packaging from a company called Mojo Cosmetics and it was a total fail. I paid for the titan lipstick and an eyeshadow and they never sent me the products. I was so upset, I loved the design of the products and I have a thing about the mojo word*. Thank Goodness I bought it thru Paypal and was able to get my money back. So since being burned once with a company I wasn't familiar with I wait to see more than one review. Not that I don't trust Bentley Blonde. She is a wonderfully bright and honest person. I love that there are so many positive, happy and inclusive women in the makeup community and Wendy from Bentley Blonde is a perfect example of that.
Speaking of honest, I snagged the picture above from the website and it sells for $14.00 and the eyeshadow duos are $32 and the quads are $38 so if I was going to shell out for the eyeshadow I would throw in the extra $6 and get two more shadows.
If you haven't checked out Bentley Blonde's youtube channel, please do! Here is her channel address:
Best Wishes Always for You and Yours,
*Side note my Mom and Dad named their company after my brother and me. MoJo for Monique and John. :o)*

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