Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hipster Lincoln

Salmon Surprise!

Having tried the foundation and finding that it didn't work for me.  I was quite surprised how well the concealer did work for me. 
I guess I should have known since this is the product that Eve Pearl is known for.
When I am having a breakout and need to hide some unsightly redness, this has become my go to concealer.  It is very creamy and lightweight.  Unlike the foundation the salmon concealer blends into the skin without showing.  I like that I can make my own shade if I am in between colors.  Since it is on the pricey side at $35 a pop on the website I think that I will wait for the next makeup show I go to for refill. 

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Monday, August 30, 2010

CCO Strikes again!

The CCO is starting to run out of the old size MAC pigment jars.  I highly recommend picking any up that you can find before they are all gone!
This is a frost pigment which is a really nice pigment to have since it can be used straight out of the jar without much blending.

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China Glaze ~ Jitterbug

Isn't it pretty!  Its from the Vintage Series.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Multi Use

Have I told you how much I love Dustin Hunter?  He is so awesome.  I love his You Tube videos.  I highly recommend him, you will also get many a giggle from watching free of charge.  Anyhoo, back to the product.  I was watching his video on MAC pigments part 2 of 4 lips.  He has mentioned before and in this video talks about using pigments and mixing mediums.  I love the feel of lipglass, but I tend to go for the dazzle glasses because I feel like I get more.  Also the regular tinted lipglass only has .17 fl oz where the clear lipglass has .5 and I can mix it layer it over mattes or use over the 12 hour lipsticks.
It sells for $14.50 so in my opinion one of the few deals MAC offers.

There are many other mixing mediums that MAC offers.  A lot are pro products so you would have to call MAC pro and purchase over the phone or go to one of the few MAC Pro stores but luckily the clear lipglass sells at the regular MAC stores. 
I can't say enough nice things about Dustin Hunter.  He is smart, funny and highly creative.  Check out his website, you won't be disappointed.

Website to check out:  http://dustinhunter.com/

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Nails of the Day

The color to watch is from the Swiss Collection.  Its almost a possible dupe for Chanel's Paradoxal if you layered it with the right shade of taupe.  I am working on that one.  I really want Paradoxal but I can't fork out the $23 on one bottle.  Not to say that I wouldn't if I won the lottery but ya get my drift.
Its a really pretty color with blue and purple flashes.  Its gorgeous!!!  Work appropriate with a kick. 

See what I mean.  I totally think that if you found the right shade of a satin taupe underneath it would be pretty close with a layer of this.  I put on three coats so that I had full opacity but I could have gotten away with two easily.
Yeah!!  I don't buy OPI at major brand name stores anymore.  I pick it up at my local beauty store (they know me well there I am sure!) which is way cheaper than any store I know of in the Philly area without being a professional store only.  They are in the process of moving even closer to my house so oh no for my wallet but I can't wait!
Its called Image Beauty if you live in the South Jersey area.
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Just Plain Pretty!

I just like the color.  Something fun to look at!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aveda Lip Brush

I was looking for a good lip brush that I could carry in my purse and have been quite happy with this retractable brush.
The only thing that kinda stinks is that it doesn't end up being as long of a handle as I thought it would.
But the brush itself is quite nice and I can pick up a lot of product at one go so I can cover my bottom lip with a couple of strokes.
It cost $16 but I got it for free when I bought two makeup products.  Its made with 30% post consumer recycled aluminum and cruelty-free talkon bristles.  What would you expect from Aveda.
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Blast from the Past

Aromaleigh's colors for brown eyes.  Regrettably, Aromaleigh is no longer.  Hopefully the owner, Kristen or possibly better known as Miss. K. will open up the store again.  The final inventory sale is 9/9/10.  Right after my birthday in case anyone is wondering what to get a makeup addict like me!
The color collection for brown eyes is Hazelnut, Orchid and Damask. 
Hazelnut is a nice chocolate brown, Orchid is a beautiful light lilac and Damask is a beautiful beige.
These three were a great set because its easy to put together an easy eye look without wondering what additional color I would need. 

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Aveda Day

I already have some good makeup removers, but with my eye makeup I wanted to make sure that I had something gentle but effective.  Since the skin is so thin around your eyes  wanted to with something that could be a little moisturizing too.  This is a brand new bottle and yeah it does look a little under the 4.2 fl oz.

Its not though as you can see above.  It is totally gentle but gets the job done.  The camomile and cucumber extracts give it a nice soothing feel after you remove your makeup.  It is $16 for a bottle but a little goes a long way.  Since it doesn't leave a residue afterwards like some other cleansers it a definite good buy in my opinion.

I also picked up this styling foaming, Phomollient.  I have used this product in the past and I was glad to pick it up again.  I have fine hair so when I try to give my hair volume sometimes it feels weighted down and dirty.  This works really well to give me volume without that weighed down feeling.  I have also noticed that it works the best for putting on wet hair and let air dry.
It surprises me how much product comes out of the 6.7 fl oz.  I have medium to short hair so only two pumps do it. 

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Worth the Hype

Yeah I did quite a bit of hauling when I went to the Makeup Show in May & I am still in the process of reviewing the products!  I picked up these two lip tars for $10 each at the show.  Normally it sells for $12.50 at the online store.
Most of the colors at the time were not really work friendly.  I work in a cubicle farm and they wrote an offensive makeup clause into our HR policies shortly after we went to the show.  I swear it wasn't because of anything I was wearing in.  At least I don't think so....
I got Memento (love that Movie!) and Pageant.  They are very pigment.  And Yes only the smallest amount will cover your entire lips.  I mean tiny, minuscule, pin prick. 
The only cons I have with these is that it is a bit drying.  I think its because it has so much pigment in the hemp oil that it can't help but dry your lips.  The only other issue that I have with this product is that you can't swipe it on your lips and go.  The applicator is slanted and normally I can swipe on gloss and go without looking in a mirror.  Not with these!
These were meant to be for makeup artist.  The original line that they came out with was meant more for avant-garde and makeup artistry.  They had lots of primary colors that you could blend for custom shades which totally makes sense since it was geared towards artist.
I would love to get some more colors, but I like mine already blended.  Its like the Loreal long lasting lip stains but without all of the extra packaging and no animal testing.

Check out the website:  http://www.occmakeup.com/

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The best thing since slice bread

Well for Glitter anyway.  Glimmer Body Art kit.  I picked up this kit at the Makeup Show in May.  I tried it several times over the summer and its pretty fracking cool.  My friend Gina loves it too!  She also got kit.  The best part is this little bit of glue in the middle below.
This body glue is awesome.  It smells a bit like Elmer's Glue but works so much better.  It grabs a hold of the glitter and doesn't let go.  I have easily gotten a week out of wear.  Yep, you read that right.  A whole week of wear out of one application.
I didn't believe it either till I tried it.  I got several tattoo stencils.  You don't need a stencil necessarily but if you aren't a good artist like me, they are a heaven sent.  You don't need a whole lot of glue either for it to stick.
You can do some pretty neat designs and I was particularly green with envy when Gina came in to work sporting a Flyers free hand glitter tattoo that I loved!

I highly recommend it!

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My Butternut

Dusty O Hunter talked about this shade in one of his videos.  So when I was in Aveda and looking for one more product to be able to get a free travel hand cream I picked it up. 
Aveda Packaging is very eco friendly.  The paper box is made from recycled paper and you can toss it back into recycling since they use soy ink and non glossy paper.
The case is very utilitarian.  Not a whole lot of flash or extra packaging.  I do enjoy the reusable caps that they have for them which are bought separately.  Their reusable compacts also have a place to insert the lipstick.  Which is pretty cool.  It also holds the tinted chapsticks too.
As you can see the color is somewhat dark.  It is dark and has quite a lot of color payoff.  Below is a one swipe swatch.
See what I mean.  It sells for 15 dollars USD.  It is surprising moisturizing which is kinda weird for a lipstick with such a color payoff.  Its not sticky which is a total bonus.

Check out the store, its a better shopping experience!  If you want to find a store near you, here is the link.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Travel favorites

This is my favorite hand cream hands down! :o)  The minty smell afterwards can be over powering for some but I love the smell.  I just wish that it wasn't so expensive.  It is well worth it though.  Only a little goes a long way.
This is also my go to for getting my limp hair to act a little fuller.  Only a couple of sprays will fix a full head of hair.  Go overboard and it will look and feel dirty.  It clumps the hair together only if you put in to much.
The Purifying Creme is a great cleanser for combo skin.  Also I love that it comes in these great little green bottles.  I keep them when I am done and re purpose them all of the time.  Of course you can recycle it too.
This is definitely not minty lotion.  Caribbean therapy does remind me of the beach but not coconut.  Its all of the great smells of the ocean, fresh and clean with a hint of musk.

You can always pick up the travel items from Aveda and I suggest doing that to make sure you want to shell out the money for the full size. 
Aveda is a great brand, they are committed to the environment and sustainable products.  You can sign up for the Aveda points program and get a free custom product on your birthday.  I pick mine up every year and look forward to it.  Also they give you points for each purchase you make.  They accumulate (never go bad) and you can turn them in for gift certificates and products.  If you really purchase a lot then you can get a vacation too.  They do a lot of double point days and send notice when you can redeem them.  I wish that MAC had a program like that! 
You can buy it online, but if there is a store near you go to that store.  They are totally customer service oriented.  Usually they will offer you a sensory journey, some tea (its kinda yucky in my opinion but its the though that counts) and sometimes a hand massage.
If you go, check out the blue oil.  I swear by this combo of essential oils.  It wakes me up and is like instant happy and relaxing in a roll on.

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A little Harmony Please

Since I have been trying my hand at contouring, I picked up this dark matte beige blush.  I go pretty light handed with it and it seems to work a bit better than my contouring compact.  I guess because I am not over compensating for the lighter color in the compact that I am looking at.  I don't know, all I know is that its working, Woo Hoo!. 

This is part of the permanent collection so if you are a medium skin tone, this might work for you too.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nails of the Day

I think I finally found my favorite blue ever!  Its called Frostbite and as you can see from above its from China Glaze.
Pretty cool huh?  It comes off as a bright royal blue.
I put 3 coats on, I could have gotten away with 2 coats but I used 3 for maximum impact.
My favorite nail polish is China Glaze hands down!  I can pick it up at Image Beauty for only three dollars and change.  Not bad huh?  Sometimes I have to wait but they eventually get in all of the color collections that come out.  The just got the vintage collection so I am super syked and will be showing many of these coming days and weeks!
One more for good measure.

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