Friday, August 20, 2010

I got this awhile back from ELF for 3 dollars to try out transforming colors.  Trucco Cosmetics makes an eye transformer also, but even on beauty ticket it was still more expensive than the elf version.   
The opal look that the have when applied can transform any color.  At first when I saw this I was like okay washed out shades.  It looks awesome on.  From left to right the green can bring out any green to give it the extra pop, the gold is awesome to just put on by itself and go.  The pink is also another good color for just a light wash and head out the door.  The blue looks really cool over eyeliner. 

I have been placing them over eyeliner to set and give color to my eyes.  You can't see the brush that comes with it but it is a mini studio line brush.  How awesome is that!  I hate the sponge applicators.  Yeah they can deposit a lot of color in one go on your eyes but yuck trying to keep them clean.  I like the brush so much when I am done with this palette I will stick it in another one like my sleeks!  Also the nice mirror is a bonus that you wouldn't think you would get with a 3 dollar compact.

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