Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My lip Saver

For some reason my lips have been a bit chapped.  Which is pretty odd for me since I am always putting some kind of lip balm. 
I purchased this a while back for a steal, $19.50 for 4 lip butters.  I got Plum, pomegranate, quince and jasmine.  in the quartet.  They still sell these at Sephora, but now its $19.50 for 3.  Which is still a good deal
They have a pretty tint, very hydrating and a surprising amount of product in the jar.  A little goes along way.  0.21 oz in each jar.
Out of all four I like jasmine the best.  Here it is below. Its a nice nude that blends well into the lips.  Out of all 4 plum is not my shade.  I still use it but it tends to look like I just went picking blackberries and smearing them on mouth.  The other 2 colors are neither here nor there with shades, but the forumlation helps keep my lips in shape.
Best Wishes Always to You and Yours,

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