Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nails of the Day

The color to watch is from the Swiss Collection.  Its almost a possible dupe for Chanel's Paradoxal if you layered it with the right shade of taupe.  I am working on that one.  I really want Paradoxal but I can't fork out the $23 on one bottle.  Not to say that I wouldn't if I won the lottery but ya get my drift.
Its a really pretty color with blue and purple flashes.  Its gorgeous!!!  Work appropriate with a kick. 

See what I mean.  I totally think that if you found the right shade of a satin taupe underneath it would be pretty close with a layer of this.  I put on three coats so that I had full opacity but I could have gotten away with two easily.
Yeah!!  I don't buy OPI at major brand name stores anymore.  I pick it up at my local beauty store (they know me well there I am sure!) which is way cheaper than any store I know of in the Philly area without being a professional store only.  They are in the process of moving even closer to my house so oh no for my wallet but I can't wait!
Its called Image Beauty if you live in the South Jersey area.
Thanks for looking!

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