Saturday, August 14, 2010


I purchased these awhile back and they are decent brushes by Sonia Kashuk.  All the better for you because I have seen these for next to nothing on clearance at 2 different Targets. 

Right now I can only look in Target and not buy because my fave store Tar-jay has thrown their hat in to ring with my morals and against my better judgement.  The Supreme Court made a horrible decision in my opinion of allowing Corporations to give unlimited amounts of cash to politicians.  There was a pretty big reason why there was a cap for both individuals and companies from giving huge amounts of dough to politicians. 
Come on, like it wasn't bad enough already that companies and people were sneaking in ways to give politicians money for their elections and private lives!  But with this most recent ruling (Obama also addressed this in his state of the union speech ~ they one were the dumb dude said "You Lie!) it has opened the flood gates for corporations to openly give thousands of dollars to politicians.  Yes, I do believe that all that money buys some votes or at the very least a blind eye. 
Target gave $150k to a political party in the Minnesota area that is promoting politicians to fight against allowing Gay Marriage.  Now everybody is entitled to their own opinion and I begrudgingly give in that corporate entities are entitled to their own opinions and allowed to give $$ to their candidates.  I just can't buy from them knowing that they want to keep people from having rights.  So as much as I like Target, I currently can't buy from them.  I don't want my retail dollars to go towards funding these un-American views in my opinion. 
Its the only way I know how to show my displeasure with a company is not to give them money.

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