Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Aveda Day

I already have some good makeup removers, but with my eye makeup I wanted to make sure that I had something gentle but effective.  Since the skin is so thin around your eyes  wanted to with something that could be a little moisturizing too.  This is a brand new bottle and yeah it does look a little under the 4.2 fl oz.

Its not though as you can see above.  It is totally gentle but gets the job done.  The camomile and cucumber extracts give it a nice soothing feel after you remove your makeup.  It is $16 for a bottle but a little goes a long way.  Since it doesn't leave a residue afterwards like some other cleansers it a definite good buy in my opinion.

I also picked up this styling foaming, Phomollient.  I have used this product in the past and I was glad to pick it up again.  I have fine hair so when I try to give my hair volume sometimes it feels weighted down and dirty.  This works really well to give me volume without that weighed down feeling.  I have also noticed that it works the best for putting on wet hair and let air dry.
It surprises me how much product comes out of the 6.7 fl oz.  I have medium to short hair so only two pumps do it. 

Thanks for looking!

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