Saturday, August 14, 2010

Contour 101

Cosmetic Company Outlet Score Again!
I missed the DSquared event at MAC but lucky me I got this contour special from the CCO over at the Franklin Mills Mall in Philly for a discount. 
It comes with a lite beige matte color and a darker matte.  They don't sparkle in the slightest.  Which is nice because once you have contoured then you can further highlight with shimmer if you wish or leave it matte with no one knowing the better.

One of the reasons I picked this up is because of a video by Nymphette415 on YouTube.  I had been an avid reader of her blog for awhile and was happy to see her first videos show up on YouTube.  I highly recommend checking out her channel on YouTube and her blog (I'll take one in every color please...) for great beginner information on how to contour.  Its her 3rd video called "How to: Contouring"

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