Monday, August 23, 2010


This pretty teal pigment is such a nice change for me.  I had been diving to much into pink.  Give me my blues and greens or give me death!!
Its not matte, its a nice shimmer to it.  I only use the itsy bitsy amount for it to shade on the outer v of my eye for a nice definition.  I am getting a little better at using darker colors.  They just don't seem so forgiving as a lighter color will. 
When I am trying to shade my crease I just have the worse time with getting it even.  I thought at first that it was because I have one eye weaker in the other and that is why I am off.  I have seen many beauty gurus that have similar issues with respect to eyesight and they do just fine (check out Kragey on You Tube).  So I haven't worked up the courage to wear it to work since I work with some really cows who might point it out.  I guess I just need to get over it. I have so many nice supportive people that I work with and I know that they would never say anything bad about my makeup. 
Note to self: quit caring what others think.

Thank you for Reading!

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