Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Butternut

Dusty O Hunter talked about this shade in one of his videos.  So when I was in Aveda and looking for one more product to be able to get a free travel hand cream I picked it up. 
Aveda Packaging is very eco friendly.  The paper box is made from recycled paper and you can toss it back into recycling since they use soy ink and non glossy paper.
The case is very utilitarian.  Not a whole lot of flash or extra packaging.  I do enjoy the reusable caps that they have for them which are bought separately.  Their reusable compacts also have a place to insert the lipstick.  Which is pretty cool.  It also holds the tinted chapsticks too.
As you can see the color is somewhat dark.  It is dark and has quite a lot of color payoff.  Below is a one swipe swatch.
See what I mean.  It sells for 15 dollars USD.  It is surprising moisturizing which is kinda weird for a lipstick with such a color payoff.  Its not sticky which is a total bonus.

Check out the store, its a better shopping experience!  If you want to find a store near you, here is the link.

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