Monday, August 16, 2010

All I want for Xmas.

Okay so not really for Xmas because I don't think it will still be around.  Which kinda sucks.  MAC has apparently spent close to 7 years on this collaboration but it will be sold out with in a matter of days.  Limited Editions are great in one aspect, but really stink in another.
I copied links from other blogs that have great pictures.  Please hit the back button to get back to this post! :o)

From Cruella DeVil:
I want the Her own Devices beauty powder, but not going to bend over backwards 

From the Evil Queen:
Lip glass in Hot House!  So pretty! I think it will be the number one I will be fighting to get!

From Dr Facilier:
Would like the pigment Pushing the Edge but not to worried to get it.
Resort Life Lipgelee!  So want!!
Grease paint stick in French Quarter

From Maleficent, my favorite!
I am on the fence about the lipglass in Wrong Spell.  Some photos it looks pretty cool, others not so much.
Dark Deed is a definite want.  Oooh Such a nice dark red.
Surprisingly I want both of the mineralized eyeshadows.  I usually pass on these whenever I have seen them in any other collection but these colors have caught my eye.  So I want both My Dark Magic and She who Dares!
Briar Rose Beauty Powder, If  I could only get one beauty powder this one would be it!
I like all three colors in the nail polish.  Bad Fairy, Formidable and Mean & Green.  Most likely I will only pick up Bad Fairy.  The other two have really good dupes from Orly which I can pick up significantly cheaper at Image Beauty which is coming in down the street in the next couple of weeks!

So are you lemming for any of these?  Which ones?  My top 5 are going to be Briar Rose, Dark Deed, Resort Life, Hot House and She who Dares or My Dark Magic. Okay maybe I should say 6 but I think I am going to have to cap the flow of cash out on it.

Thanks for looking!

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