Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Travel favorites

This is my favorite hand cream hands down! :o)  The minty smell afterwards can be over powering for some but I love the smell.  I just wish that it wasn't so expensive.  It is well worth it though.  Only a little goes a long way.
This is also my go to for getting my limp hair to act a little fuller.  Only a couple of sprays will fix a full head of hair.  Go overboard and it will look and feel dirty.  It clumps the hair together only if you put in to much.
The Purifying Creme is a great cleanser for combo skin.  Also I love that it comes in these great little green bottles.  I keep them when I am done and re purpose them all of the time.  Of course you can recycle it too.
This is definitely not minty lotion.  Caribbean therapy does remind me of the beach but not coconut.  Its all of the great smells of the ocean, fresh and clean with a hint of musk.

You can always pick up the travel items from Aveda and I suggest doing that to make sure you want to shell out the money for the full size. 
Aveda is a great brand, they are committed to the environment and sustainable products.  You can sign up for the Aveda points program and get a free custom product on your birthday.  I pick mine up every year and look forward to it.  Also they give you points for each purchase you make.  They accumulate (never go bad) and you can turn them in for gift certificates and products.  If you really purchase a lot then you can get a vacation too.  They do a lot of double point days and send notice when you can redeem them.  I wish that MAC had a program like that! 
You can buy it online, but if there is a store near you go to that store.  They are totally customer service oriented.  Usually they will offer you a sensory journey, some tea (its kinda yucky in my opinion but its the though that counts) and sometimes a hand massage.
If you go, check out the blue oil.  I swear by this combo of essential oils.  It wakes me up and is like instant happy and relaxing in a roll on.

Thanks for looking!

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