Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just Peachy

I just love this shade's name.  I say this a lot at work.  I picked that gem of a phrase up from one of my favorite co-workers.  I use to say pretty much whatever idea popped into my head when someone would ask me.  Usually it wasn't so nice.  Faye (co-worker) told me one day, no one cares really how you feel so say something nice and quick so that they will leave you alone.  It was great advice, from my own personal Maxine. 
Back to the lipstick, it sells online for $15.00 and is part of the sheer line.  There is nothing sheer about it.  
When I think sheer in a lipstick I tend to think low color payoff and reapplication abounds.  Not with this one.  I put one swipe on my lips in the morning and that color was with me till lunch.  Unfortunately, this color sucks big time on me.  Its just too freaking peachy.   

Now I did pick this up as part of a package deal at the Makeup Show back in May.  If I could find a color that works for me, Ooh boy I buy this brand hands down.

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