Thursday, September 30, 2010

NOTD ~ Recycle

Sorry I have been a little lazy lately with my post.  But I have still been a buying, and a trying!
So here is my nail of the day
Its a really nice light taupe with some grey too.
The first is without flash and the second is with flash.  Great fall color.
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am in a video!!!

I am in a video!!  Only a bit but hey, I am in a video!!!  Actually only a frame or two, but I am in a video!!! Hee Hee! :o)
I am super excited if you couldn't already tell!
Here is the video below, its from WSITN from You Tube.

I am at the 7:12 mark.  Only a shot but I am in a Video!!!!  With Richie Nickel!!!!  Aren't you so jealous! :o)  Yeah!!!  Oh and I looked and no one said anything bad about my appearance so I am totally stoked.  Happy points for my self esteem.  Yeah I know that is shallow and I should not care what others think.  I am working on it! :o)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Aveda reusable palette

Forgive me
Usually I only show new purchases.  But I was searching for a palette and ran across this one.  Its an oldie but goodie. 

It holds four shadows or one blush.  I love the mix and match capabilities.  Here is the hidden gem with this.
Ha Ha! Lipstick holder in the side.  Awesome design and function!  You wouldn't even know that it is really there.
Its the hidden compartment that got me.  Its made from recycled aluminum, but its no soda pop can in your purse.  I have had it for about 5 years now and it still looks good.  Yeah its beat up but you wouldn't believe how many compliments I still get on it when I pull it out of my kitchen sink, aka my purse.  Really do you know of any makeup product that you have continued to use for 5 years?

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Peach Lights

Peach Lights!  I am still wanting a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick but I can't seem to shell out the $38. This doesn't come much cheaper at $22.50 but I know how Aveda products work on my skin so I got this instead.
It comes in a paper sleeve with clam shell packaging that you are not going to lose a finger opening. 
Also it comes with a powder sponge, but I never use them.  It just puts to much color on one spot so I go with a brush.
These are great colors that don't have too much shimmer and are easily blended into the skin.  I use the bottom color as more of a highlighter.  
Similar to the Sephora program, Aveda's Pure Privilege point program lets you bank points.  One point equals one dollar.  There are double point days and you can get coupons for double points to around your birthday.  What I really like about the Aveda program over the Sephora one is that you determine what you would like to get when you hit tiers.  Where Sephora has the hundred point options that you pick at the counter with maybe like 3 to 4 options Aveda has lots more per tier.  The catch is you spend a lot more to get to the tier but you can get discounts starting at $25 up on Aveda products and spa options.  
I saved up for years and got a Patagonia messenger bag that I love!! Buying the same bag from Patagonia (which I think is the critical mass) would cost me  $119.  Now of course I have spent over that in the past couple of years but I like my bag much more than the one hundred point deluxe samples.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Great in theory

This lip lock cost $3 and you are suppose to line the outer line of your lips to prevent feathering or bleeding of your lipstick outside of the lines.  Its a thick balm that just ends up feeling funny.  It irritated me to to no end that I had purposely put something outside of my lip line.  Its not fine point so it kinda got everywhere. 
I don't recommend this product even though the theory is a good idea.  I even like that it rolls up from the bottom.  Its consistency is that of soft chapstick. 
Maybe if it was a fine point product that way I didn't feel like it was rolling down my chin. 
I have just been using it up as lip balm.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bankroll me please!

Yep, another CCO score!
This reminds me a lot of Undercurrent but Bankroll has more Blue sparkles rather than gold that is in Undercurrent.

Loving some green!  I am actually digging the green to give me that smoky look without using black!

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Wild Rose

Korres, how I love thee.  I swear by the evening primrose eye cream.  I was so happy to find another great rose product from Korres.  Rose is suppose to calm redness.  This line is to brighten the skin and even out you complexion.  It is really creamy stuff.
Oh yeah.  It doesn't really dry out like normal masks that I have tried.  It reminds me more of mask that they use during a facial.  It pulls out the impurities but not as harsh as some drying clay masks.
Its not a big jar by any means at 1.4 fl oz for $29 USD but a little goes a long way.  I put on all of my masks by using an ELF Foundation brush.  Its synthetic hair and only cost a buck.  I have had the barrel come off of the handle but a little dab of superglue put it back together and had kept it going.  I really think this is the way to go with this mask too.  A little goes along way and the brush helps spread it evenly and considering how expensive it is the dollar for the brush goes along way.
Korres is a Greek brand and I kinda think its cool that they just have a sleeve that goes over the original packaging.  Ha Ha Its like reading Greek!
I recommend checking out the brand's website to check out all of the ingredients.  Its really user friendly and in English for those who don't read Greek.

Website to check out:

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Babies

Okay I had strayed and I have cheated on my babies.  Gel liners, liquid liners and click liners.  What can I say I have tried them all.  I keep coming back to my pencil eyeliner baby.
I picked these up on a trip to NYC with my Mom.  I dragged her all over the place in search of Makeup.  I wasn't so bad, we did hit up Ellis Island and checked out many a historical sites.  She is planning on coming back in a couple of weeks and I can't wait.
My Mom has always been a makeup fan.  She first introduced me to Makeup by taking me to the Mall and having the Estee Lauder women do a make over on me and I fell in love!
There are only a couple of things my Mom wouldn't scrimp on with me when growing up.  Good shoes for my feet, these didn't have to be expensive only good for my feet.  She has had about 5 surgeries on each of her feet so that is way understandable. A good reliable car so that I didn't end up on the side of the road and good makeup.  I had really bad skin when I was young so she didn't want it to get worse by putting makeup on that wasn't going to let my skin breath.
So it was way fun getting to pick up some of my Mom's go to colors when we were out shopping.  Granted MAC was not her Estee Lauder but they are owned by the same parent company (Estee Lauder I believe) so she was cool with going into the store. 
Industrial is a great light blue that reflects silver and Undercurrent is a beautiful green with gold sparkles.  These are super creamy so I might even use them as bit of a base and set with powder eyeshadow to set it.

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More Dare to Wear!

So I picked up two more lipglasses from the Dare to Wear Collection.  I am so glad I was waiting around for my car to get worked on! :oP 
Bold and Brash.
Need I say more.  Golden sparkles red base = awesome
Drool.....Ban This.  Oh how I love purple! 
Yep, its got blue sparkles in it. 
It is quite sticky so if you hate sticky lipglass, this is super sticky in my opinion but it stays like nobody's business.  Also FYI it does stain a bit but for a night out you want it to stay as long as possible.

Total recommend!!!

Thanks for Reading,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Pressing Abilities

I got some mixing medium a couple of months ago from Coastal Scents.  So I finally got around to trying my hand at it.  I made several different colors and put it into my empty palette that I got from TKB Trading Company.

The magnets are pretty strong so that it made the palette pretty useful.  These palettes remind me of the Z Palettes which sell for about $20 for a large and $14 for a small which looks to be the same size as the freestyle one from TKB.  The freestyle one sells for under $5.  I have never seen the Z Palette up close so I can't say they are the same quality or size.

Websites to check out:

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Liners, Liners and more liners

So I ordered the set of elf liners.  These are the shimmer liners.  They kinda of remind me of the MAC sparkle liners from a couple of years ago.
Pretty good payoff for a buck.
Soft and creamy
Bonus it has the sharpener in the lid.  Although I do worry about these drying out sooner with the lid having a gap.  I think that the sharpener will be able to easily erase that.
My friend Gina, gave me a great tip of layering these over black liner for that extra pop.
Check them out.
Thanks for looking,

Monday, September 13, 2010

Inglot Freedom Palette!! Picture heavy!

See I did save the best for last!  I got this eyeshadow palette at the MakeUp Show in NYC back in May.  It was a Mad House around the Inglot table.  I was luck enough to meet some great bloggers.  Brittany of Clumps of Mascara was so nice to me I am still shocked!  :o)  I was the weirdo who kept staring and finally got up the courage to walk up to her and utter something stupid like "Clumps of Mascara?"  Brittany was at first like, "No." Then a big ole smile and said Yes!  Hi!
It totally lightened the situation and put me at ease.  I kept thinking, "Is that her?  Will I seem foolish to walk up to a perfect stranger and be like...Hi!  I have been reading your website forever and I have really gotten into makeup because of your website.  I love it and thank you for your inspiration!"
But I am not that cool or well spoken enough.  I was more like muttering thru...I like makeup. Your very nice. Like your website. 
Yeah like that.  But anyway back to the makeup and less about my starstruck self...
Check it..
It was so hard picking out colors because so many people were clamoring up for palettes.  I did pretty well considering.  I tried to group them into fours with two colors in the middle working with either side. 
With that concept in mind, I put three matte shades in and lots of frost.  Did I tell you I love the frost.
These palettes are quite heavy duty.  I love the magnetic top but you do have to be careful sliding it off.  You can nick you product. 
The shadows have really great pigmentation.
The matte blue on the far left is amazing.  Really strong color payoff with out being chalky.
These are over bare skin with no primer.  The brown was a bit chalky but over primer it works really well.  Here are the close ups of the shades.
Thanks for looking!