Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brown Eyed Plum

Since I haven't been buying pigments now at the CCO, I had to move over to shadows.  I really like the Aromaleigh colors that I got for brown eyes so I thought this would be a nice compliement to those colors.  Sometimes pigments and loose shadows can just get too messy.
The quads normally sell for about 50 bucks online and in stores.  Lets just say I didn't pay anywhere near that for my quad thanks to the CCO.
The thing that kinda stinks about these quads from the CCO is that you can't replace the shadows so easily.  It looks like the normal refillable palettes but you can't because they are glued in.  Totally weird.  Why make it look like the refillables if they don't come out?  Maybe its because they were sold at the CCO?

Have a good day!

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