Saturday, September 18, 2010

Peach Lights

Peach Lights!  I am still wanting a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick but I can't seem to shell out the $38. This doesn't come much cheaper at $22.50 but I know how Aveda products work on my skin so I got this instead.
It comes in a paper sleeve with clam shell packaging that you are not going to lose a finger opening. 
Also it comes with a powder sponge, but I never use them.  It just puts to much color on one spot so I go with a brush.
These are great colors that don't have too much shimmer and are easily blended into the skin.  I use the bottom color as more of a highlighter.  
Similar to the Sephora program, Aveda's Pure Privilege point program lets you bank points.  One point equals one dollar.  There are double point days and you can get coupons for double points to around your birthday.  What I really like about the Aveda program over the Sephora one is that you determine what you would like to get when you hit tiers.  Where Sephora has the hundred point options that you pick at the counter with maybe like 3 to 4 options Aveda has lots more per tier.  The catch is you spend a lot more to get to the tier but you can get discounts starting at $25 up on Aveda products and spa options.  
I saved up for years and got a Patagonia messenger bag that I love!! Buying the same bag from Patagonia (which I think is the critical mass) would cost me  $119.  Now of course I have spent over that in the past couple of years but I like my bag much more than the one hundred point deluxe samples.

Thanks for looking!

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