Monday, September 13, 2010

Inglot Freedom Palette!! Picture heavy!

See I did save the best for last!  I got this eyeshadow palette at the MakeUp Show in NYC back in May.  It was a Mad House around the Inglot table.  I was luck enough to meet some great bloggers.  Brittany of Clumps of Mascara was so nice to me I am still shocked!  :o)  I was the weirdo who kept staring and finally got up the courage to walk up to her and utter something stupid like "Clumps of Mascara?"  Brittany was at first like, "No." Then a big ole smile and said Yes!  Hi!
It totally lightened the situation and put me at ease.  I kept thinking, "Is that her?  Will I seem foolish to walk up to a perfect stranger and be like...Hi!  I have been reading your website forever and I have really gotten into makeup because of your website.  I love it and thank you for your inspiration!"
But I am not that cool or well spoken enough.  I was more like muttering thru...I like makeup. Your very nice. Like your website. 
Yeah like that.  But anyway back to the makeup and less about my starstruck self...
Check it..
It was so hard picking out colors because so many people were clamoring up for palettes.  I did pretty well considering.  I tried to group them into fours with two colors in the middle working with either side. 
With that concept in mind, I put three matte shades in and lots of frost.  Did I tell you I love the frost.
These palettes are quite heavy duty.  I love the magnetic top but you do have to be careful sliding it off.  You can nick you product. 
The shadows have really great pigmentation.
The matte blue on the far left is amazing.  Really strong color payoff with out being chalky.
These are over bare skin with no primer.  The brown was a bit chalky but over primer it works really well.  Here are the close ups of the shades.
Thanks for looking!

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