Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Babies

Okay I had strayed and I have cheated on my babies.  Gel liners, liquid liners and click liners.  What can I say I have tried them all.  I keep coming back to my pencil eyeliner baby.
I picked these up on a trip to NYC with my Mom.  I dragged her all over the place in search of Makeup.  I wasn't so bad, we did hit up Ellis Island and checked out many a historical sites.  She is planning on coming back in a couple of weeks and I can't wait.
My Mom has always been a makeup fan.  She first introduced me to Makeup by taking me to the Mall and having the Estee Lauder women do a make over on me and I fell in love!
There are only a couple of things my Mom wouldn't scrimp on with me when growing up.  Good shoes for my feet, these didn't have to be expensive only good for my feet.  She has had about 5 surgeries on each of her feet so that is way understandable. A good reliable car so that I didn't end up on the side of the road and good makeup.  I had really bad skin when I was young so she didn't want it to get worse by putting makeup on that wasn't going to let my skin breath.
So it was way fun getting to pick up some of my Mom's go to colors when we were out shopping.  Granted MAC was not her Estee Lauder but they are owned by the same parent company (Estee Lauder I believe) so she was cool with going into the store. 
Industrial is a great light blue that reflects silver and Undercurrent is a beautiful green with gold sparkles.  These are super creamy so I might even use them as bit of a base and set with powder eyeshadow to set it.

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