Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Favorite!

I was at the MAC counter in Macy's at Cherry Hill the other day and was talking to one of the Sales Associates when I was lamenting how the liners just seem to smudge to much on me.  I like the colors and price point of liners compared to my go to MUFE aqua liners. 
So she twisted my arm and got me to buy something I usually don't buy.  Black eyeliner and not MakeUp Forever. 
I have been quite happy with it.  I like that the point doesn't get blunted down and therefore all over the place when I am applying it to my eye.  Hopefully MUFE will come out with one like this too. 
Stilla has been my last roll up liner and I have to say this one is on the same level.  I have hooded eyes but with the fine point I am able to get with this liner I am able to get really close to my lashes and it looks good if I do say so myself.

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