Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nails of the Day ~ Inglot

Continuing with Inglot week, here is one of my favorite Inglot items, Nail Polish!!
What makes this different than other nail polishes is that it is suppose to be "breathable".  What is that you say...yeah breathable.
Here is what they say about the O2M line : 
  High technology is revolutionizing the nail beauty through a new polymer KS-02 designed for the contact lenses.
The use of new polymer
- significantly increases the oxygen permeabilityof the varnish films (until 54 cm3/sec).
- improves the permeability to water vapour
- facilitates the varnish spreading
- reduces the film tightness

Pretty interesting stuff, huh?   I have noticed some cool things about this polish.  The darker colors don't stain my nails ~ Total bouns!  Comes off easily with nail polish remover.  You don't have to use a base coat or top coat for the polish to last! 
One of the things that is a bit irksome is that you really have to wait about 10 mins between coats.  Really weird huh?  If you layer it like normal (I call normal about 3 to 4 mins max) between coats you get bubbles in the polish.  Pretty weird huh.
It is more expensive than normal polish coming in about 12 dollars I think per bottle.  Pretty expensive, but considering you don't use a base or top coat it helps even out the cost. 
They do have normal nail enamal but I haven't purchased those.

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