Friday, October 15, 2010

Self Oblivion

Sometimes I forget.

Okay I forget a lot.

Also I get sidetracked.

     a lot

On point you got to check this video out.

I found this video that is AMAZING!!!  It is a Russian Girl that transforms herself into Jared Leto.  Its crazy.  The video has gotten almost a million hits. 

All I can say is that I want her skills.  So Awesome.

Enough Said.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Birthday Surprise

I ran into Sephora and picked up my birthday present!

Pretty cool that they give it out for their Beauty Insiders.

They are all mini sizes but pretty awesome none the less.
I put my seche base in for comparison.  Yep, they are mini.

With natural light.
Swatches of eyeshadow on left and liner on right.  In natural light.

Pretty cool, huh?

Remember to pick up yours!

Take care,

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

My favorite blue is still frostbite but this one is giving it a run for its money.

With Flash
With out flash
Loving the sparkle and how it catches the light.
This is from the Orly Cosmic collection. 
I know that I keep saying it a lot lately but I picked it up at Image Beauty in Blackwood.
Orly normally sells for $7 at Ulta but I got it for $6 at Image Beauty.

Love it!

Take care and much love to you and yours,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Oh my I actually got in spirit for the holiday of the season, Halloween.
For some reason I am just not into it this year.

I picked up this nail polish because I wanted to give it to Gina as a little present.  Its great having such thoughtful friends and I am very happy that she is my friend.  Since she is a big time Flyers Fan I saw this and new Gina would get a kick out of it.

So before I took it to her, I am such an a$$ but I painted it on my nails to *test* it out.

Now I did pick up the other two colors from the collection and I was a bit disappointed with the application.
It was chocked full of glitter that was hard to get an even coat.  Its in a black gel base and while it was the reason I got it for Gina being that the Flyer colors are orange, black and white.  I didn't much care for it.

The other two are pretty much the same consistency and I didn't care for them either.  I probably will slap on the green for Halloween but I don't know..

With Flash up top and without flash.

What do you think?

Icky or a body must?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Swing Away

This is also from the vintage collection from China Glaze.  It came out in August and luckily for me my local beauty store, Image Beauty picked it up.  Much love to the Ladies who work there.  They are super nice and extremely helpful.
Its a perfect color for the holidays or for regular wear.  It my version of a minx manicure! 

Love it!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Red Rouge

I for some reason am in a Christmas mood.  I just love red sparkly nails. 
Its not as glittery as my Orly red but this is definitely a good red for the holidays and for normal wear too.
This is from the Vintage collection and I purchase it at Image Beauty in Blackwood.  Love it there, it was only $2.29 plus tax.  I clip coupons every time I see them and if you buy over 25 you get 5 dollars off.  So I can give into my nail addition, yes it is a problem, with out too much hurt to my budget.

Thanks for looking!
Much Love to you,

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Portable Lush

I love Lush products.  They make me happy,.  O some have been stinkers but most have been fabulous.  I really do enjoy the Godiva sold shampoo.  When I was much better at hitting the gym up on a regular basis this year, Godiva was a main stay of my gym bag. 

Since I am starting up the gym again I needed a new solid shampoo.  Now I do use this as my soap too, so it does last quite awhile even with using as a dual purpose.

I picked up Seanik solid shampoo.

It has nori seaweed and salt in it.  It is a bit harsher than I would normally choose.  I chose it because when I work out at the gym I am mostly in the pool.  The chlorine wreaks havoc on my hair and I need something strong to pull it out.  The lemon that is infused in makes it shiny.  I will say it does look like pressed jimmies (candy toppings for ice cream).  I don't think it is going to last as long as Godiva since it does come apart much quicker.  What I don' t like is that you are suppose to put in in the tin to dry.  See the top of the tin below.

What happens is that the tin goes back into my bag and doesn't dry enough.  So water gets trapped and it destroys the cake. 

Does anyone have any tips or tricks for their go to gym products?  I have to get into shape and I need to go to the gym more often.  Since my gym is on the way to work and on the way home I can't head back home and get cleaned up. 

Thanks for looking.
Much Love to you and I hope your day is going good.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I am loving this red.  I picked it up at Image Beauty. 
Its got some great sparkle to it with a hint of gold undertones. Perfect for the Christmas Holidays. 

Can I say how much I love that Image Beauty is so close to me?  Its wonderful.  They are so super nice there.  So if you live in the Blackwood, NJ area check it out.  Its off of Chews Landing Road across from Veterans Field in the Shop Rite shopping Center. 

Thank you for looking!
Best Wishes Always to you and Yours,

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

MAC Villians

I went to the MAC release party of Venomous Villains at the Cherry Hill Mall in NJ.
It was way crowded.
Now I already knew what I was going to get from seeing Temptalia's post.  It still took me forever to get thru the line.  Yep that's me in the back of the line.

Some cool props up.  You could put it on and pose for a picture.  But really.  It was so crowded and hot in the store that it was not happening.

Can you tell how much I love waiting in lines.

Did you get anything from the collection?

Much love,

Saturday, October 2, 2010

London Calling

I had seen a really good review from Klaire de Lys on her blog.  I wish she would update it more.  Since she does so many You Tube videos I can't really complain.
So I took the plunge and picked up a couple of eyeliners with my purchase I got a nail polish for free.
Okay these Eyeko knows how to pull me in.
Since it was shipping from UK it did take about two weeks from the date I ordered it.  Which really isn't bad.  I was so happy when it finally got here in the mail.
It came with these great postcard, bag and a coupon for my next order.
Pretty cool!

The polish is pretty cool, but I do have lots and lots of shades of blue.  This will make a nice addition to my collection.

So back to the liners.  Wow is all I can say.  Talk about a fine point.  Its like using a felt tip pen on my eyes.  I was scared to be honest.  I am pretty good with my pencil liners but liquid? Nope, not really. It tends to go in a mess in a hurry.

These liners are awesome!  So easily to use that an all thumbs girl like me could use them with precision. 

Websites to check out:

Thanks for looking!