Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aromaleigh going bye bye

I picked up this a couple of weeks ago from Aromaleigh. Its a great dark red, love it! The only problem? I can't seem to blend it right with other colors! Every time I use it when I am practicing before I go out or mostly late at night when I am experimenting, ends up looking like I have pink eye. I am going try this again using the eyeliner liquid to have a muted look for Friday casual work day. Ya know a nice little salute to the 4th on Sunday.
Sad to say this company is closing. Aromaleigh is having a huge sale getting rid of the line and closing.
Oh yeah code ADIEU35 gets you 35 % off of all makeup on Aromaleigh.

Georgously Green video

I was trolling thru my favorites tonight and I found a video by Sophie Uliano detailing an organic / natural sunscreen. The reason it peaked my interest was I saw some post that some people are allergic to over the counter sunscreen. I guess there are all kinds of allergies out there. Well here is the web address for the you tube video. I already own all of her books and I highly recommend picking one up at the library or bookstore.

Best wishes always to you and yours!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The necessaries of makeup blogging - - FTC

Okay so being an avid reader of many a makeup blogs I have noticed that people put notice of where they got their stuff from. In essence if they were sent makeup for reviews and if they were paid for the review. I buy my own stuff on most basis to the general dismay of my budget, friends and family. They tell me to quit buying so much of it so I started this blog to justify my habit to friends and family. If I actually got something for free...I would so be shouting it from the rooftops. So unless otherwise noted I bought it myself or said friends and family made an offer for me to complete some kinda of task or not to say something *evil grin* to get them to buy me makeup. :o)

I am a little chapped and tender

So, its Friday and I really mean this, TGIF!!! It was a long week stuck in the cube. I guess that's why they call it work. Some days are really good meaning productive! When I can get into that groove and move thru a ton of work like nobody's business. Like watch out, I am getting it done! Today after I went to a tasty lunch at Pancheros with some of my fave co-workers and saw how absolutely beautiful it was outside...I was wonked out. It was like pulling teeth to roll thru my emails. Probably to much good food! Veggie burrito yummy!
So what came to the rescue to get me thru the rest of the day? Why the little pot of lipgloss!
Its from the tendertone collection of MAC. Yes, I do have a lot of MAC, but I have a lot, lot of makeup all brands included. For some reason I favor MAC more, probably because when I am having a bad day I swing by the MAC counter and chat with some of the girls and play with color. Some people say they are snooty, which I have experienced my fair share but now I see it as them giving me space to browse thru the stock.
Back to Pucker the lip balm above, I normally don't go for the little pots of lip balm. As you can see from the picture above once you stick you finger in that's it. I rather prefer the sticks or lip balm tubes. But this isn't half bad. This is a bit embarrassing to admit ~ when I get pots of lip balm I just kiss / pucker my lips it to put it on. Wipe off the excess on the sides. Yes silly. In my defense I work with paper and am typing all day so it kinda grosses me out to stick my finger in the pot. Its not that I am dirty, I am just plain weird like that.
I got this a couple of weeks ago at the CCO. So I didn't mind shelling out my cash for a little pot of gloss. It is actually a lot bigger than say the lush tins of lip balm or burts bees so bonus! I like this color because for me it pretty close to my natural lip color and very shear color payoff.
I am going to try this weekend to work up the courage and my skills in both makeup application and photography and get some pictures up of at least one look. Also I am going to take pictures of some of my Fyrinnae eyeshadows to share.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Show me your Orchid!

Yes, this is a bright color. Its called Show Orchid and its by MAC. Its a bright fuchsia lipstick that is definitely a statement color. It cost $14 on the MAC site but I got mine for free. How.....I participated in the back to MAC program and got it for free!!!

The best way in my opinion to get makeup! The back to mac program is an ongoing program so its not just for certain times of the year, Yippee! What you do is bring 6 empty mac containers back to either a counter or a free standing store and you can get a free lipstick. Bonus if you bring you 6 empties back to a free standing store then you can get a lipstick or a shadow! FYI. you can't use travel sizes it has to be the full size empty product cases.
Here it is swatched on my hand. I don't think it is a work appropriate color, well at least at my office. They have already notified everyone that you can't wear loud makeup or they will send you home. Silly but whatever, work pays the bills so I have plenty of other colors to wear and this has become my fun weekend color!

I also got this shadow stick from the CCO at the Franklin Mills Mall. Cosmetic Company Outlet if you don't know. I love that store! Outlet for cheap MAC makeup, I am so there.

Its called Penny. Its very similar in texture to the greasepaint sticks but more of a shadow stick. Very long lasting and I love it as a great quick eyeliner before I am out of the door.

Here is the swatch below.
I don't believe that they sell this anymore at the counters or free standing stores, but check out your local CCO for these! And with MAC, they are always discontinuing things to bring them back a couple of months or so later. Sometimes just repackaged a different way.

Best Wishes Always for you and yours

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

China Glaze Pool Side Collection ~ Sun Worshiper

This is some bright nail polish. Its so thin, I think that I had to do like 5 or 6 layers. You can still see thru the polish and see my nails. I got it in the set for way cheap at Image Beauty, otherwise I would be angry. Most of them are this thin texture, which now after doing my research finding out that neons are famous for this in reviews. It takes so many coats and then when they chip .... wooo they chip. I was too embarrassed of the poopy pictures of when they fail. I will suck it up for the pink and just let it be.
See I can grow.... I think....we will see...
Best Wishes Always for you and yours!

Great Post - - Glitter is my crack

Hi! I love reading blogs. Makeup blogs are my favorite. I love seeing how people pull together different color and all of the reviews make my heart flutter. After a craptastic day at work, there is nothing better then coming home and turning on the news and letting an audio book or podcast play and reading great blogs. I know it is a bit A.D.D. but if you knew the noise around me at work then you would get why I have adopted these routines at home, lets just call it practice for my sanity when I am work!
But back to topic, you should check out Glitter is my Crack blog. If I was better at linking then I could give you a direct link. Yeah I suck. The Camping post she put up was awesome!!!! What beautiful scenery to look at. Oh my. I want to retire to a place called Fern Lake. Her question at the end is do you wear makeup when you are out in the great outdoors?
I would give this a hell yeah. When I am actually good and get up in the morning and go to the gym, my favorite time to put on my eyeshadow when I am in the parking lot before work. You can't beat the lighting. So of course on a beautiful day off out in the woods, I would totally throw makeup on and have in the past.
Since I am originally from Southwestern Virgina all there was to do was go out in the woods. So wearing some eyeliner or whatever is acceptable. Many of times I have sat on a picnic table trying to gussy myself up before watching some firetv with friends.
Anyhoo, check her blog out. Its amazing!!!

Funny mascara

My friend Gina and I were talking at work about makeup (my fave lunch time topic!) and she told me about something called Fiberwig mascara. Her niece and Gina had both been using this for a couple of weeks and they love it. So I checked it out online and I think I am going to have to work this one into the budget! Its at Sephora for $24.00 for black. That is also where I got this picture above.
Normally I don't like to spend that much on mascara, but if it is one that will work I will forgo the one area that I am usually somewhat cheap on in makeup and buy it! Normally I wear MAC plush lash, waterproof. I like it because it stays put through out the day. I have watery eyes (pretty huh) and I look like a raccoon by the end of the day so waterproof is a must for me. The one thing that I am blessed with is nice lashes in my opinion. If you know me personally then you know how I never say "I have great/nice/not negative xzy" when referring to my body. Yes, I know I am working on that. Back to mascara, I can get away with most waterproof mascara.
Apparently these are like little tubes that attach onto your lashes and make them even longer. If you wait between coats for it to dry then you can build onto the lashes to make even further growth. So if you have little lashes this might work for you.
I will pick it up and give a more through review but it was my exciting makeup lunch talk.
Best wishes to you and yours!

Fave Earrings

These are my favorite earrings. I have been wearing them so often that I just keep them in my purse. I picked them up at Target for about 6 bucks or so on sale. They are heavy to wear for me, but I just love them!

Oh, if only I could afford this face cream!

Need I say more?

More MakeUp Show Pictures ~ Gina addition

Here are some more pictures from the Makeup show in NYC. Up top is body painting at Mehron. Below is EVE PEARL!!! She is such a wonderful person, very personable and I even got a couple of hugs! She did my makeup, but that is not me below. Eve was very informative when she applied my makeup and they even got some video of me while Eve applied my makeup. It was very light weight, but the downside was that you definitely could tell I was wearing makeup. :o( I did purchase the cult fave salmon concealer and some press powder too. I was a little star struck and bought some foundation and a bag that I wouldn't have bought and wasn't on my budget list!
Below is the Crown brush booth, it was packed all day! Great deals and they had lots of 88 palettes and other no name combo sets for eye shadows. I picked up a couple of brushes and they are nice, full review later.

This was the "nice view" when we walked in. There was such a line! I am not one for waiting in lines and get quite impatient, but luckily my friends were with me so the time flew by while we chatted!

Below, the smashbox booth was pretty packed until the end of the day. Great deals but not too much different than what you can find online at places like

The awesome shot Gina got of the front entrance!!! Thank you Gina, your a wonderful photographer! :o)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

NYC MakeUp Show

So I know this is a late post, but here are some pictures from the NYC MakeUp Show. I went with a couple of friends. I was lucky enough to win a ticket from Krasey Beauty! You should check out her blog if you haven't already! She is so beautiful, and especially in person too! I got so excited I didn't take any pictures! For shame! Luckily my friend got some other fun pictures of the show so I will post it here later.
The show was so fun, lots of discounts and it was fun to play with all of the makeup. I even got a makeover from Eve Pearl herself! She was so gracious and nice too! I will upload some pictures soon of all of the items I got and how they have been treating me too! Best Wishes for you and yours! ~Mo