Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Great Post - - Glitter is my crack

Hi! I love reading blogs. Makeup blogs are my favorite. I love seeing how people pull together different color and all of the reviews make my heart flutter. After a craptastic day at work, there is nothing better then coming home and turning on the news and letting an audio book or podcast play and reading great blogs. I know it is a bit A.D.D. but if you knew the noise around me at work then you would get why I have adopted these routines at home, lets just call it practice for my sanity when I am work!
But back to topic, you should check out Glitter is my Crack blog. If I was better at linking then I could give you a direct link. Yeah I suck. The Camping post she put up was awesome!!!! What beautiful scenery to look at. Oh my. I want to retire to a place called Fern Lake. Her question at the end is do you wear makeup when you are out in the great outdoors?
I would give this a hell yeah. When I am actually good and get up in the morning and go to the gym, my favorite time to put on my eyeshadow when I am in the parking lot before work. You can't beat the lighting. So of course on a beautiful day off out in the woods, I would totally throw makeup on and have in the past.
Since I am originally from Southwestern Virgina all there was to do was go out in the woods. So wearing some eyeliner or whatever is acceptable. Many of times I have sat on a picnic table trying to gussy myself up before watching some firetv with friends.
Anyhoo, check her blog out. Its amazing!!!


BLIX said...

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's OK to wear makeup out in the woods!
Thank you for featuring my bloggity blog!

Bluestar's Blog said...

You are very welcome! :o) Its an awesome blog!