Friday, June 25, 2010

I am a little chapped and tender

So, its Friday and I really mean this, TGIF!!! It was a long week stuck in the cube. I guess that's why they call it work. Some days are really good meaning productive! When I can get into that groove and move thru a ton of work like nobody's business. Like watch out, I am getting it done! Today after I went to a tasty lunch at Pancheros with some of my fave co-workers and saw how absolutely beautiful it was outside...I was wonked out. It was like pulling teeth to roll thru my emails. Probably to much good food! Veggie burrito yummy!
So what came to the rescue to get me thru the rest of the day? Why the little pot of lipgloss!
Its from the tendertone collection of MAC. Yes, I do have a lot of MAC, but I have a lot, lot of makeup all brands included. For some reason I favor MAC more, probably because when I am having a bad day I swing by the MAC counter and chat with some of the girls and play with color. Some people say they are snooty, which I have experienced my fair share but now I see it as them giving me space to browse thru the stock.
Back to Pucker the lip balm above, I normally don't go for the little pots of lip balm. As you can see from the picture above once you stick you finger in that's it. I rather prefer the sticks or lip balm tubes. But this isn't half bad. This is a bit embarrassing to admit ~ when I get pots of lip balm I just kiss / pucker my lips it to put it on. Wipe off the excess on the sides. Yes silly. In my defense I work with paper and am typing all day so it kinda grosses me out to stick my finger in the pot. Its not that I am dirty, I am just plain weird like that.
I got this a couple of weeks ago at the CCO. So I didn't mind shelling out my cash for a little pot of gloss. It is actually a lot bigger than say the lush tins of lip balm or burts bees so bonus! I like this color because for me it pretty close to my natural lip color and very shear color payoff.
I am going to try this weekend to work up the courage and my skills in both makeup application and photography and get some pictures up of at least one look. Also I am going to take pictures of some of my Fyrinnae eyeshadows to share.

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