Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More MakeUp Show Pictures ~ Gina addition

Here are some more pictures from the Makeup show in NYC. Up top is body painting at Mehron. Below is EVE PEARL!!! She is such a wonderful person, very personable and I even got a couple of hugs! She did my makeup, but that is not me below. Eve was very informative when she applied my makeup and they even got some video of me while Eve applied my makeup. It was very light weight, but the downside was that you definitely could tell I was wearing makeup. :o( I did purchase the cult fave salmon concealer and some press powder too. I was a little star struck and bought some foundation and a bag that I wouldn't have bought and wasn't on my budget list!
Below is the Crown brush booth, it was packed all day! Great deals and they had lots of 88 palettes and other no name combo sets for eye shadows. I picked up a couple of brushes and they are nice, full review later.

This was the "nice view" when we walked in. There was such a line! I am not one for waiting in lines and get quite impatient, but luckily my friends were with me so the time flew by while we chatted!

Below, the smashbox booth was pretty packed until the end of the day. Great deals but not too much different than what you can find online at places like

The awesome shot Gina got of the front entrance!!! Thank you Gina, your a wonderful photographer! :o)

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