Thursday, June 24, 2010

Show me your Orchid!

Yes, this is a bright color. Its called Show Orchid and its by MAC. Its a bright fuchsia lipstick that is definitely a statement color. It cost $14 on the MAC site but I got mine for free. How.....I participated in the back to MAC program and got it for free!!!

The best way in my opinion to get makeup! The back to mac program is an ongoing program so its not just for certain times of the year, Yippee! What you do is bring 6 empty mac containers back to either a counter or a free standing store and you can get a free lipstick. Bonus if you bring you 6 empties back to a free standing store then you can get a lipstick or a shadow! FYI. you can't use travel sizes it has to be the full size empty product cases.
Here it is swatched on my hand. I don't think it is a work appropriate color, well at least at my office. They have already notified everyone that you can't wear loud makeup or they will send you home. Silly but whatever, work pays the bills so I have plenty of other colors to wear and this has become my fun weekend color!

I also got this shadow stick from the CCO at the Franklin Mills Mall. Cosmetic Company Outlet if you don't know. I love that store! Outlet for cheap MAC makeup, I am so there.

Its called Penny. Its very similar in texture to the greasepaint sticks but more of a shadow stick. Very long lasting and I love it as a great quick eyeliner before I am out of the door.

Here is the swatch below.
I don't believe that they sell this anymore at the counters or free standing stores, but check out your local CCO for these! And with MAC, they are always discontinuing things to bring them back a couple of months or so later. Sometimes just repackaged a different way.

Best Wishes Always for you and yours


BLIX said...

Love this lipstick colour! Not sure if I could wear it tho. Last time I went into a MAC store, most of the products contained almond oil which I can't use. :-(

Bluestar's Blog said...

Oh I am sorry to hear about the almond oil! I have eczema and I have recently found out that it can come from common items that I use.
I am excited that Temptalia's dupe list. I bet you that they will have a show orchid dupe and you never know, it might not have almond oil. :o)