Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Oh my I actually got in spirit for the holiday of the season, Halloween.
For some reason I am just not into it this year.

I picked up this nail polish because I wanted to give it to Gina as a little present.  Its great having such thoughtful friends and I am very happy that she is my friend.  Since she is a big time Flyers Fan I saw this and new Gina would get a kick out of it.

So before I took it to her, I am such an a$$ but I painted it on my nails to *test* it out.

Now I did pick up the other two colors from the collection and I was a bit disappointed with the application.
It was chocked full of glitter that was hard to get an even coat.  Its in a black gel base and while it was the reason I got it for Gina being that the Flyer colors are orange, black and white.  I didn't much care for it.

The other two are pretty much the same consistency and I didn't care for them either.  I probably will slap on the green for Halloween but I don't know..

With Flash up top and without flash.

What do you think?

Icky or a body must?

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