Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion's Night Out ~ Meeting My Favorite Londoner!

Okay, I am a bit of a fan girl.

Yeah its true.

What can I say....

I didn't think I would make it there...

Fashion's Night Out + me = The picture that counted.

(what, really? You. Fashion Hmmm.)

FYI:  This is a super long post with lots of reading involved and lots of Pictures.  Click on the heading of the post to see more. (Fashion's Night Out ~ Meeting My Favorite Londoner! the one up above not this one)

The Day began with me waking up at 6:30 am, which is out of the norm for me, way out of the norm.  I got up picked out my clothes, thank goodness for casual Friday. 

I was super tired and there wasn't any coffee in the house.  So a quick run to Wawa for some hazelnut blend. Yum.  Back to the house to pack my bag for NYC, walked Lincoln and finished getting ready.

(Think song : Five O'Clock World by Allen Reynolds)

Got to work an hour early and worked thru lunch and had banked extra time from the day before.  Sometimes the Corporation is very much like I am living out scenes of Office Space the movie but my Boss thankfully isn't.  I was starting to worry when the poo hit the fan and major meltdowns at work.  Luckily, we all threw in and I was able to leave pretty much on time out of the cubical farm.  Bye Bye Corporation!!!  Woo Hoo!  See ya on Monday but its Friday now!!!!
(Think song : School's Out by Alice Cooper)

Made a mad dash over to the Cherry Hill Mall to pick up the Bolt Bus (got to love those fares, like seriously check it out) and freshen up before I got on the bus.  I lucked out because it was packed to the brim and I didn't want to be "That Person on the bus".

Bad Stuff coming up.  My bus into NYC was suppose to get in at 6 o'clock pm, with the traffic I didn't get there till about 6:45pm.  The neurotic Mo was starting to freak out when I realized how little time I had scheduled to get into the Fashion's Night Out at Sephora on 42nd and Broadway and get back to catch the bus back to NJ!  Could not get stranded in NYC or accomplish my *goal* for the evening.

Yeppers, I in all of my infinite glory woke up on my birthday and saw that Richie Nickel, the internationally known You Tuber was going to be in the states! (insert : girly squeal of delight here)  To make it even better he was going to be doing a meet up at the Sephora on 42nd Street and Broadway at the Sephora after 6 pm.  This location is great because it is in one of the parts of the city that I am "familiar" with.  I been there loads of times so I wouldn't get lost. 

Yeah right.

We are talking about me here.  I get lost going to work and I have been working in the same building for 5 years.  My parents would give me directions when I was younger on a piece of paper with the last line saying something like "here is the number you call when you get lost". 

Yeah, when.  Not if, when.

But I digress...
So it was my birthday and I was *crazy* with birthday glee and threw caution into the wind and bought a round trip ticket to NYC where I would get into the city at 6 o'clock pm and be back out by 9:30 pm.  Three and a half hours.  To make it there, wait in line get a picture say hello and hopefully say something cool if possible, but really its me, so I wasn't counting on that one to happen; anyhoo, wanting to take some pictures for the blog and make it back to the bus stop in time.
I get off of the bus at 6:45 pm on 34th and 8th in front of Tic Tok the diner.  Thinking I am being swift, I previously changed my GPS to pedestrian and put in the directions for 42nd and Broadway.  I head off in direction of the big arrow on the screen.  It didn't even dawn on me that with all of the cloud cover the GPS might be acting wonky.  Long story short, I got lost and end up walking 5 blocks in the wrong direction and have to get New York's finest to help me get to where I am going.

 Hmm.  Yes, I am cool like that. 

Now mind you, as you will see in a bit if you haven't already scrolled down, I am by no means a fit Lady.  So all of this speed walking with my messenger bag weighing me down even more is not a making of a pretty picture of me.

Now the Good Stuff:
I got to the Sephora and they had the doors locked.  Only one entrance was open and it was being guarded by a Sephora Sales Associate.  I squirreled my way up front and smiled and stood next to some hot girls like I knew them.  Ha Ha, it worked!  He let them in and I walked in with the band.

(view from outside)

I get in and I immediately spot him! 
(Richie Nickel is in the left center in the black jacket with a blue shirt)

Now mind you I am thinking I am not going to make it thru the throngs of people over to him.  I am actually quite happy that I even made it in.  Who knew so many people wanted to meet Kat Von D?  She was there as the "Headliner" but really who wants to meet her when all of these great Makeup Artist are in the building!?  No disrespect to Ms Von D, I am just saying I don't think there is a tutorial or any to my all be it limited (sometimes) knowledge of her doing tutorials or well, it doesn't matter.  I was just surprised how many people were there solely to meet her.  Which in the end totally, awesomely worked out in my favor.  So thank you for being there! :o)

I made it over a bit closer
Yeah!  An in focus picture!

So I make it a bit closer and low and behold there is Richie Nickel and Doe Deere are chatting away with their significant others.  I stared for a bit and was trying to think of how to interrupt the conversation.  Cause really I tried to look around and find something to browse thru but really that was not happening in that big of a crowd. 

(Check it out past the 15 sec mark to see what I mean)

Yeah, that's how I felt. 

But Luckily this lovely Sephora Sales Associate was kind enough to see I was trying to angle my way in and get a picture. 
(I only got a side shot, but thank you for your help!!)
She came over and asked if I wanted to get a picture with Richie Nickel!  She helped introduce me and get my picture!!!!

So with out further a do here it is. 

I really love this picture!  I don't normally, scratch that never ever like pictures of myself.  Its weird to say, but I get it.  I get why my friends say that I have a great smile when I look at them.  I finally got a picture where I am truly happy at what I am doing, where I am at in that moment.  Even with all of the stuff going on in my life right now that I am not happy about myself in how I look physically, I think I look beautiful in this picture. 

 Surprising huh?  You can't even see the makeup that I am wearing and I know I was all sweaty.  Nice, huh.   All I can see is that the smile is up thru my eyes and in my heart.
 (sappy yes but true)

So a big Thank You to Richie Nickel for taking the time to talk to me and listen on how much I really have found inspiration in watching your You Tube Videos.  I really love your channel and am a very happy subscriber!

He even gave me a hug before I said hello!  How Awesome is that!

After I met Richie, I even got to talk to Jack his partner.  Jack was nice enough to take a picture with me too.  I warn you now, I don't know why I keep making this face in photos.  I apparently want everyone to look up my nose.  This is why I don't normally do photos of my face!
(Thank you Jack!  And I can't wait to see when his prints are available.)

Just so you can see how crowded it got.

(she doesn't look happy)

I made it around the corner and who did I see but Doe Deere! She was so kind and let me take two pictures.  Look at me, I obviously am riding high on my horse now.  I met one celebrity and now watch out!  If only I could pose.  Oh well.

So at this point I was off to see the wizard, aka Enkore.

There he is right to the side of the mascara display.

Got a little closer.  Maybe I can get his attention.

Excuse me, "Enkore!"  Okay "Enkorinne"

Why I don't learn to pose I will never know.  I know people have told me how.  Enkore was really kind to take a picture with me, I appreciated his time.

After that last photo with Enkore, I was out the door in a hurry to make it back to the bus.  At least so I thought.  Kat Von D had made it from the middle of the store to the front.  So now the crowd was in front of the doors leading out.

While working my way thru the crowd I spotted the coolest shoes. 

You have to blow it up to see, but they are green velvet!  They are Doe Deere's shoes.  She can really put an outfit together!  So cool.

ooh, I thought the store was bad. By that time the street was packed.  You can't see my serious crowd face but I was a wearing it trying to get out and back to the bus stop.

Which I did and was home by 11:30 pm, I even had time to grab something quick to eat for dinner on the way back to the stop.

Well dear readers, thank you for reading this long post.  I really wanted to share it with you all.  I hope you enjoyed reading it.  Its been a long day and I have been up way, way to long writing this post.  So I must close here. 

Websites to check out:

YouTube Channels worth subscribing to if you haven't already:  What Style is to Nickel, Community Channel and Enkore & Enkorinne

Best Wishes to You and Yours Always,


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