Saturday, September 4, 2010


Oh I love the CCO.  I can get great brushes for a discount. 
You might say "that's too much to pay for brushes"!
I have to say "Hells No!"  I have had one of my first MAC brushes, a foundation brush for over 7 years and it looks still brand new.  I have used this brush for not only foundation, but for applying masks and face lotions too. 

So yes they are splurges but no matter what colors your into and how fickle I am these are my tried and true makeup items. 
I love a discount so CCO is the only place that I will pick them up at. 
Side note, the travel brushes from MAC kinda suck big time.  I was really surprised with my first batch I got of the short handles how bad they shed and felt.  They really don't compare to the long stem ones.

Thanks for Looking!

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