Monday, September 6, 2010

Inglot Week! Picture heavy!

Yeah!! Inglot's week is finally here!  Well you probably didn't know that I have been working on this set of post for quite awhile now.  I heard about brand first about a year ago from Brittney at Clumps of Mascara.  She had went to the new flagship store in NYC, well the only store in the USA.  I was hooked after I saw her post and video!  Unfortunately, you can't buy it online here in the states.  Its a Polish brand that is quite popular on the UK beauty blogs.  I got lucky when my friend Gina went to NYC this past July and used her awesome photography skills to get me some great pictures of the store.  When I last visited the store in May it was quite tiny but they were annexing some more room from the area next door.  She was able to see get new pictures of the completed store and it looks gorgeous!  Check out the great pictures she was able to get and be careful of not drooling on the keyboard like I did!

Outside of the store on Broadway in Times Square.
Part of the Freedom Palette station.

The great thing about the freedom palette is the Freedom!  You can mix it however you like.  You like only frost shades, well you can have a palette with only frost shades.  You want to design your own little purse creation that has everything you need.  Easy with all of the options of foundations and textures available to you.  You get these great magnetized boards where you can place your colors together and see how they will flow together.
The options are endless!
It was really nice of the Sales Associates to let Gina take pictures and they were even offering ideas about the pictures to take!  Gina was very impressed with their customer service and I have been too! 
Ooh Lipstick.
Glosses and lip pencils Galore!
Single shadow pots.
Gina had to bring some home with her!
OOh so pretty!
So over the next couple of days I will be highlighting this brand and all of the wonderful makeup I have picked up and Gina's too!
Thank you so much Gina for the beautiful pictures and to the awesome Sales Associate who help Gina with picture ideas! :o)
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