Sunday, September 12, 2010

Inglot Freedom Palette and Hot Car

This was my first palette that I got from Inglot.  I got it with my Mom in NYC back in May.  I was so excited to pick up some makeup after seeing Clumps of Mascara's reviews of the store and makeup. 
Well, I got to excited and didn't pay attention to some basics with a palette.  I got to pick it out right, what can be wrong with that...come in hot car.
I usually touch up or in a pinch put on my makeup in the car.  Not a great habit I know.  I wanted this palette to be my end all and be all.  One palette to throw in my car and be able to touch up when I got were I was going or to put on pretty much a full face.
Yeah...good idea in theory.  That little pan above was the concealer.  It didn't even make it thru June before it melted.  Luckily it didn't stain the other colors.  The makeup gods were smiling on me because it was tilted so that it just got on the mirror and in my car's console.  Yucky none the less. 
Good thing is that the pan pops right out and I can put another color inside.  Not bad huh?  I didn't like the color of the foundation powder so that will go and it will easily fit in to a TKB freestyle palette to send to my Mom.  I can easily pick up a new refill for the powder while still keeping the palette.  Love that!  I am really digging the freedom palettes.  More to come!

Thanks for looking and best wishes for you and yours always!

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