Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wild Rose

Korres, how I love thee.  I swear by the evening primrose eye cream.  I was so happy to find another great rose product from Korres.  Rose is suppose to calm redness.  This line is to brighten the skin and even out you complexion.  It is really creamy stuff.
Oh yeah.  It doesn't really dry out like normal masks that I have tried.  It reminds me more of mask that they use during a facial.  It pulls out the impurities but not as harsh as some drying clay masks.
Its not a big jar by any means at 1.4 fl oz for $29 USD but a little goes a long way.  I put on all of my masks by using an ELF Foundation brush.  Its synthetic hair and only cost a buck.  I have had the barrel come off of the handle but a little dab of superglue put it back together and had kept it going.  I really think this is the way to go with this mask too.  A little goes along way and the brush helps spread it evenly and considering how expensive it is the dollar for the brush goes along way.
Korres is a Greek brand and I kinda think its cool that they just have a sleeve that goes over the original packaging.  Ha Ha Its like reading Greek!
I recommend checking out the brand's website to check out all of the ingredients.  Its really user friendly and in English for those who don't read Greek.

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