Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inglot Week ~ Pure Pigments

Its weird to have an Inglot week and then the first post that week to talk about how you didn't like the product.  Oh well, I figured I would get the bad out of the way right away.
Doesn't this look promising?  Beautiful multi shade pigment, color number 50.  Nice size jar and since I picked it up at the Makeup Show in NYC the price was quite right!
See that.  I rubbed a good amount, meaning I dipped my finger in and rubbed it on.  It was surprisingly sheer. Ugh.  Now I normal would toss this in the back of the pigment box and not play with it again.  But it does become sightly more vibrant wet or with a mixing medium.  I am going to mostly use this as a blush.
I was slightly happier with the other pure pigment I got.  This is blue 72.
As you can see from the swatch its much more bang than 50. 
With flash
with out flash under florescent lights.  I personally think this is the most true color for what is in the pot. 

Now this is over skin with no base or primer.  As you can see it does lighten up quite a bit.  It does work better over UDPP.
Out of the two that I got, 72 is better than 50.  I don't think that I will pick up another pure pigment from Inglot again.  They do so many awesome products that it was bound to happen that one would not be so good. 

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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