Friday, September 10, 2010

Inglot Lipgloss

I have told you all about my fascination with packaging.  Silly yes.  But I do like the design and functionality of these you can see how much you have.  These do have a ton of lipgloss in them, which rocks!
So I picked up 83, 52 and 33.  Again with the numbers!  I like names so much better, but since I don't know polish, it might be a good thing that they have them numbered.
Lets start with the 83.  Its one of the platinum line which is more lipstick than gloss.
As you can see its pretty pigmented.  I really like this shade.  I am surprised how well orange based colors look on.  I have pretty pigmented lips so I am sure that if I blanked out my lips first it would end up more true to color but I like how it looks over pigmented lips.  It also smells great not overtly strong. I notice when I put it on but the smell quickly fades.  Not sticky like MAC glosses.
Onto 52, which is a gloss but not as shear as the AMC glosses which I really believe have to be layered over glosses.
Its still got bang for the buck but isn't as thick as the platinum.
33 Is very much a gloss. 
But can you see the awesome sparkle?! I love it!  I am totally digging the golden sparkles.
The one thing that I should mention is that there is so much product in the tubes you have to watch out.  I have noticed that the are a bit hard to close.  My friend Gina had one of the tubes in her pocket on a hot 90+ day and when she went to open it a bunch came out!  Thankfully this hasn't happened to me, but I figured I would share!

Thank you for looking!
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Angel said...

Hi! I have my eyes on no. 33 because a friend of mine sells it for half the price! I have pale skin and I was wondering if that gloss would look ok on me during the day? Like, is it wearable for everyday use? Thanks! :)