Monday, August 2, 2010

A Pearl of Wisdom

I went to the Makeup Show a couple of weeks back.  I was lucky enough to get Eve Pearl to do a make over on me at the show.  I picked this foundation up that she used on me.
I love good design and this compact doesn't disappoint.

The compact is shiny but doesn't show finger prints.  The most beautiful thing about this compact is below.
The clear lid inside.  Since the foundation is quite emollient any way ward fibers that you might get by having this compact in your purse is blocked by the clear lid.
Its a great idea having two shades of the foundations in the one compact. Eve Pearl has a technique called reverse contouring where she uses the darker shade to highlight then go over with the lighter.
There is even a sponge below in another compartment in the compact. 
Great Design.  Beautifully functional for the product.
The product itself is definitely full coverage and is very light weight.  It really didn't fell like I was wearing makeup.  The bad is that you can tell on my skin that I was wearing makeup and I was a bit shiny even after powder.  Now that is not to say that the product was bad.  I just don't think that formulation is right for me.  I think that it would work for more mature skin. 
So I have sent it to my Mom!  I hope that it will work for her even though I wouldn't buy it for me again.
Eve Pearl was so nice to talk too and even though there was a bunch of people around and cameras from her crew and others.

Best Wishes Always for You and Yours,

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