Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bronze shimmers

Okay you wouldn't think I am cheap on makeup.  Especially if you read this blog regularly!  I can't justify shelling out $38 for a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick.  Yes, they are beautiful and I am sure they are just awesome.  I just can think of too many other things I could buy with that 38.  For example you could almost get two of these shimmer cubes from the Body Shop!  Almost because they are $20 bucks a piece.
These shimmer cubes give quite a lot of product in each cube.  They come out of the plastic casing quite easily.  Its nice because you can use them eyeshadow both wet and dry.  I recommend using the opposite side for just wet because they do get that wet matte look any wet dry shadow gets.

I wouldn't think I will run through these colors but would seriously think about picking up in one of the other 3 shades in the stores.  I checked online and this color isn't available at the online store so pick one up at the brick and mortar when you can.

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