Saturday, August 21, 2010


Okay so I finally did it.  I went over board.  Yes, I think that $30 is way too much for one lipstick.  I once again proved that I am highly susceptible to marketing.  But in my defense check out the pick below.
Its the perfect rose mauve shade.  It looks awesome of course on Vanessa Paradis and this color was sold out at the Chanel counters for months. 
The thing is most Chanel products don't work well for me.  I have previously purchased an eyeshadow quad and while it has some of the most beautiful colors the fall out is a sin. 
Why do you ask I keep going back?  For some reason I think Chanel as the height of beautiful colors.  I have noticed season after season Chanel's colors that they release become the "it" colors to dupe. 
The shade still comes thru even if you can see better detail of the grass! :o)
This is totally a splurge product for me.  I don't see me buying another Chanel lipstick for quite awhile.
Why would I need one with such a beautiful color that goes with everything?
It is really hydrating any has an awesome wearing time.  Well I would hope so at thirty bucks but as I have stated before, I go to Chanel for the colors not so much the wearing time of the product.
Previously in the past I bought the quad mentioned earlier, blush, mascara and nail polish.  Out of the four products the quad was the worst for me.  The blush has been my favorite so far ,15 Orchid Rose which I love so much that I only have two other blushes because of it.  I use it all of the time, which I really should at $42.  It really is a workable shade for me that brings out a nice glow for me without looking like I am clown.  So much so that I never even though of buying the cult classic of Nars Orgasm.
The mascara is a double edge sword.  Inimitable Waterproof mascara is the best mascara I have ever used.  Hands down it makes my lashes look the best!  Separates, curls, volume and lengthens too.  All of the advertising does it no justice.  Its the best I have ever tried.  Why would I say its a double edge sword?  Its $30 for mascara.  Yep. I will admit I have bought it twice before.  Crazy yes.  I would only buy it now if I get married or for some weird reason going to have national photo shoot.  Also it dries out like nobodies business.  Ugh.  Its like the product knows that you shouldn't have paid so much for it so it dries out in about a month of regular use.  I have tried to extend the life but no luck.  So dumb me though okay, I will buy another to see if it was just this tube.  Nope, same thing.
The nail polishes or nail color are so beautiful!  It also is not cheap, surprise, surprise at $23.00 you better love the color.  I have only bought one color, Ruby Slippers.  I love this color.  Unfortunately it was limited edition and now they don't carry it anymore.  Which is totally good for my wallet.  I have lucky been give 4 other bottles for gifts.  Yeah, I was that lucky!
In this recession, why would I buy such overpriced makeup?  I mean really, $30 for lipstick, $42 for blush, $23 for nail polish and $30 for mascara?  Like really way out of my budget for a single woman living on her own.  My answer is that I only buy Chanel products when I have gotten a raise or bonus at work and I can only buy one item.  So since I have been working out of college for longer than I would like to say, its not too bad.  Also I have kept with the exception of the mascara for over a year.  I bought the blush three years ago and I still haven't hit pan because its so pigmented and I have naturally rosy cheeks so I don't use so much.  It just feels like I am being luxurious on the blush.  Which isn't that what makeup is all about?  Its my war paint before I go out of the house.  :o)
While I was hesitate about getting the lipstick because I know I will keep it for quite awhile and after the Mascara fiasco was worried about one of their products that the shelf life could be quite limited.

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