Friday, August 20, 2010

A stroke of silver

Silverstroke is a beautiful light silver cream eyeliner that I picked up from CCO.  Yes, I know its a bad habit to keep heading over there.
I have mentioned before that I have hooded eyes.  I like using a brighter color for my eyeliner.  I think that it opens up my eyes more than black.  I am still not as adept with gel liners over pencils.  I think that I just tug it to quick across my eyes rather then move it slow enough for a beautiful stroke.  I like trying though.  I figure that I will get it eventually.  I have noticed that the gel liners tend to last longer once it has set than pencils which is why I keep trying.  I don't have to set it which considering sometimes my lids are so oily I just can't stand it. 
Any tips on how to get better at lining with a gel liner?  Maybe I am just not patient enough...

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