Friday, August 27, 2010

Worth the Hype

Yeah I did quite a bit of hauling when I went to the Makeup Show in May & I am still in the process of reviewing the products!  I picked up these two lip tars for $10 each at the show.  Normally it sells for $12.50 at the online store.
Most of the colors at the time were not really work friendly.  I work in a cubicle farm and they wrote an offensive makeup clause into our HR policies shortly after we went to the show.  I swear it wasn't because of anything I was wearing in.  At least I don't think so....
I got Memento (love that Movie!) and Pageant.  They are very pigment.  And Yes only the smallest amount will cover your entire lips.  I mean tiny, minuscule, pin prick. 
The only cons I have with these is that it is a bit drying.  I think its because it has so much pigment in the hemp oil that it can't help but dry your lips.  The only other issue that I have with this product is that you can't swipe it on your lips and go.  The applicator is slanted and normally I can swipe on gloss and go without looking in a mirror.  Not with these!
These were meant to be for makeup artist.  The original line that they came out with was meant more for avant-garde and makeup artistry.  They had lots of primary colors that you could blend for custom shades which totally makes sense since it was geared towards artist.
I would love to get some more colors, but I like mine already blended.  Its like the Loreal long lasting lip stains but without all of the extra packaging and no animal testing.

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