Monday, August 16, 2010

British Invasion!!

Recently I have been taken in by the awesome colors available from Sleek.  I have watched many reviews and did my research.  I really wish they were easier to get.  Meaning going down to the store and picking them up.  Not that I knock buying makeup from online.  So many colors I have bought is because I saw them in person.  I am glad I took a chance on Sleek.  One of my friends picked up the original palette for me when she went to England.  I am hooked.
I got the bohemian palette shipped to me from their online store.  The Bohemian Palette is different from the other palettes being that it is white and came in a paper shield. 
It has a great mix of matte shades and a couple of shimmers.  The funny thing is so many people have complained about the 2nd shadow from the left on the top row.  It was pretty crumby.  I lucked out and didn't have to much break during shipping and I was able to press it down okay.  You can see my handy work above.  Even with the breakage its still a good buy.  Depending on exchange rate to the US it works out currently to ten bucks a pop.
The matte colors keep true to the pan and don't come off as chalky.  They are pretty blendable too.  I have picked up cheaper mattes before to only find out that they loose color payoff too quickly.
I love palettes.  I like them so much!  It makes it easier to pick coordinating colors and they are much easier to store.
Pretty cool thing about this company is that they started on filling a niche for women of color, all colors. 
I will be reviewing more palettes that I picked up.  Hey why not save on shipping and buy in bulk!

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