Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wish List ~ Wedding Dress, not white

Okay, this is a way out there post. Total Dreaming. I don't even have a boyfriend so this is so, so, so not happening anytime soon. I found this picture on Doe Deere's website a couple of weeks, possibly months ago. I love this dress. Its not a prom dress, even though the color might suggest so. It a very lucky lady's wedding dress. Lucky, because its such a freaking beautiful dress!!!!
When I think of happy its blue, blues greens purples = happiness to me. No doubt why I have bluestar tattoo! Only one tattoo, I am a wimp and I couldn't go thru that again. Its the noise the machine makes, it sounds too much like a dentist drill. Ugh!
Back to the dress, its so pretty. I don't know much, but somethings happen when you are daydreaming you find out certain truths about yourself. During one of my daydreams, I knew I wouldn't wear white if I ever got married. I really don't like the color very much. Its the absence of color. That's not to mean that I hate white. I just would rather wear blue.
My favorite Disney movie is the Little Mermaid. I love the scene where she is coming out of the ocean in that sparkly blue dress at the end. Screw the white dress at the end, its the blue one coming out of the ocean that took my breath away. I did try to nag an image of the scene but no luck.
I read the original Grimm's Fairy Tale version when I was younger and of course it was pretty different from the Disney movie. Well, when isn't a movie different and less than the book, but I am an avid reader so I am bias to the written word. In the fairy tale the little mermaid doesn't get the prince, she becomes an air spirit after all else is lost. I highly recommend reading the original, its so easy to find, just google it even though I just gave away the ending!
Jeez, back to the dress! I love that picture of her coming out of the water with perfectly flowing hair and all! This dress above is just a beautiful interpretation of that image to me. Colorful happy and sparkle!
Best Wishes to you and yours always!

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natalia said...

I love, love, love this dress. I want it for my wedding, where did you find this photo?