Thursday, July 8, 2010

Elf Duo fail

Oh ELF. How I love your videos done by all the different Youtubers. I just can't seem to get you eye products to work for me. So sad.
I got this shadow liner duo because I am a gadget girl. I loved Mr Gadget cartoons when I was younger and even watched the movie redo. Matthew Broderick is always going to be Ferris to me though.

I thought that there might be a problem with the shadow stick when I was swatching it on my hand. It was pretty dry and I had to tug it across. The shadow stinks. I do not care for it. It doesn't blend well and I tried my best but it just didn't go on well.
The liner is so so. It went on so much better than the shadow, creamy and beautiful color. It did crease on me, but in the liner's defense I do have pretty hooded eyes. So I really do have to have something set quick and not move.

The good, it was only $3.00 so I am not out much. I will still use up the liner, but more as a base for other shadows. I did use Urban Decay Primer Potion to make the shadow stick before I went to work but it stayed sticky all day. I did try it at home with just the shadow but it still stunk.
I will not buy this one again and don't recommend it.
Best Wishes Always for You and Yours,

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