Sunday, July 18, 2010

This sounds weird ~ Moistly

Yeah, I think the name totally sounds x rated but I guess that is just me.  My mind does tend to fall in the gutter when I am not looking!

I picked this one also up with Golden Soft and Preppy.  This has to be one of the more wearable everyday work colors for me.  It looks a bit scary in the tube but it ends up applying more like Clinque's Black Honey from the Almost Lipstick line that also retails for $14.  The Clinque has less product at 0.07 oz and MAC's lipgelees are 0.5 for the same price.
I put this one on a white sheet so that you could truly see how sheer it is.  Sorry for the failing light. 
Would I buy again, Hell yes! The color is great for me and I love the smell and moisturizing that I get from the lipgelees.

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