Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some cool sites, still trolling along

I am still trolling along my faves and the Muse from Musings of a Muse (totally love the name, so creative) had a post earlier this week about a website called The Little Black Box. Its a sample company, from what I gathered from her post and the website. Its mostly Esty stuff, which if you are a bit hesitating like me this would be perfect. Right now they are having a sale and you can get the June box for $13.50. Looks like some full size stuff too.
I try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, but samples get my heart a fluttering! So if you want to check out the site it is

Also a great makeup site is the Muse, tons of makeup swatches and product information coming out. Muse puts a lot of post thru out the week and usually takes the weekend off so you can always catch up then. Yeah, I am a fan girl of a lot of bloggers!

The Muse's website is

Best wishes always to you and yours!

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