Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Three Little Piggies!!!

Three little pigments came home with me from the Philly CCO.  I have been buying the max of pigments their until the new sizes come thru.  If you don't know the new sizes are about half of the weight.  But realistically there is so much pigment in one of these, I don't expect to run out anytime even if I have one of the new sizes.
The first one is Lark About which is a shimmer sliver white pigment.  Its an excellent highlight color and to blend down dark colors.
This next one is Bell Bottom Blue and its a true blue jean blue.  Its exactly the color I think of when I think of a great pair of blue jeans.
This last little beauty is hard to describe but it is like a frostier bit blacker version of cranberry.
I really do like the pigments that MAC offers.  So many ways to use them.
Would I buy again? Oh yeah.
I purchased at the Cosmetic Company Outlet.  Unfortunately, there is no website, but I would check your local outlet mall to see if one is near you.

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