Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NOTD ~ OPI Caught me

This is from My Friday Nail polish buy from Image Beauty.
Its so a me color. Blue sparkles with green shimmer effect to it.
This outside pic doesn't do it justice. Again, my technical skills with blogger are not the greatest with getting the pictures to show up right side up! Where is a help desk call when you need one!
Outside again, the color is called Catch me in your net.
Here it is outside the day after I applied it. I really hope it doesn't stain my nails. I have gotten stained nails from blues and green polishes. Its already starting to chip, which stinks because I have not been typing nearly as much as I do in a normal day at work.
I am trying to figure out the settings on my camera a little better so I can give you those great close up shots.
Would I buy again. Nope. I found recently that micas that I got for a buck work really well for this same shade. Am I sad that I purchased it? Nope. I consistency that the sparkles have after I applied and its a new favorite for now.
Best Wishes Always for You and Yours,

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