Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Go To Pick Me Up

This is my go to in a hurry.  I was looking for a nice lightweight foundation.  I couldn't seem to find one that would work with my skin.  The ones I would try would either it would slide off of my face during the day or look patchy by the end because it was too dry. 
I love this stuff.  I put it on in the morning and set it with Lancome Dual Finish in Matte Wheat ($35). With the two, I am surprised at how long it stays on thru out the day.  I will throw this on to tone down all of the red in my skin and it is totally build able.  Thankfully a little goes a long way so its lasted me about 4 months out of one tube.  The price is $29.50, so its not really that much of a budget breaker for me since buying this one has swore me off throwing money at other foundations.  My color is medium.

Best Wishes for You and Yours,

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