Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wish List ~ Nail Polish

I saw this nail polish on Krasey Beauty, I believe she is on my blog roll and I know I have talked about her some before. She has a great post about these nail polishes that are heat changing. So cool huh? Like a mood ring for your finger tips! I grabbed this photo from the manufacturer's website and I so want this one! They are about $12 a piece so I don't know when I would be getting it anytime soon. Maybe it will come to my local beauty supply store, which has awesome coupons and the one close to me allows me to use coupons that have expired. Bonus!!! The store is called Imaged Beauty. I think they have a website, but the store is much better on the prices. The one in Blackwood, NJ is the only one that takes the expired Image Beauty coupons. They are suppose to be moving to a different store which would make it about a mile from my house and the store is suppose to be way bigger. Oh my, I am really going to have to exercise control!

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