Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sucker for Sparkle

(left to right: Candy cane, caramel apple)
I got this pack of awesome glitter from the Makeup Show I went to in May. It was a show special for the pack I got 10 colors, an applicator (translation : crappy brush), and liquid sugar base for $60.
(Left to right: Shock tart, Chicklets)
Yeah, kinda of expensive for glitter. I know that you can get every color in the rainbow and some extras from TKB Trading for way less than that. Think in the range of $10 for a larger amount.
Justifying purchase, it sells for $24.95 on the website for one glitter, applicator and liquid sugar. For the QVC special its $32+ for 3 glitters, applicator and liquid sugar. So a total steal at show prices.
(Left to right: Icing, jellybean)
Gina, Tara and I just loved how these looked, so we all ended up getting some and they did our eyes for free! I don't have any close up pictures of that but trust me it looked cool. Gina has had much better luck with applying than I have. I have been trying and it globs up on me. Ugh.
So she gave me the tip of doing little bits at a time and it works. It does take a bit of time and you need to wait for it to dry and set. But once it does it sticks really nicely. The lady at the show used a blow dryer on cool to get it to set in a hurry.

(left to right: Candy Corn, sour blast)
The glitter comes in micro fine and bigger (so want to say the ch word Gina!) flakes of glitter.
(Left to right: Twizzle stick, Sour apple)

Ha, ha check out the bottom of my homemade light box in the pictures! :oP

There is a big bottle of liquid sugar, especially considering how little it takes to get the glitter to stick. Its a pet peeve of mine that glitters and pigments need to have a seal proof lid under the top. Like the MAC pigments have that little bit of a plastic lid that sits on the top and keeps the product from going everywhere. Yeah, as you can see from above, there is no gasket or seal so be careful when opening this or it will go everywhere. I mean everywhere. Lincoln (my little man, aka my dog) was sparkling after I took these shots for quite a while after which tickled me but made me have to give him a bath.
Would I buy this again, well no. This is a ton that I don't see me going thru anytime soon, but ya never know.
Enkore talks about it in this you tube video:
Called TMS LA haul pt 2 (around the 8:30 min mark till the end)
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