Monday, July 12, 2010

Sample Bucket ~ Empty Heart

Empty Heart

I have a ton of samples, I love them.  This company is some what controversial and I don't really recommend purchasing from them.  You can easily google the reviews and it isn't pretty.  Its really sad because they have beautiful shades and the prices are phenomenal.  The samples are $0.25. Yep, a quarter.  They are itty bitty bags but I have easily gotten ten uses out of.  So not so itty bitty with color payoff.  I grabbed this one to use for work and I got quite a few compliments.  Its a taupe brown with these beautiful blue sparkles.  Ugh, to die for! 
The reason I can't recommend Archetype cosmetics is the shipping.  They take forever to ship and I have heard that previously they didn't ship everything ordered.  So sad.  When I ordered a ton of samples I had heard that it would take forever but not to the extent it did.  It took about a month for me to get a hold of these lovelies.  So that is why I won't post the web address.  :o(
Would I repurchase?  Maybe. It sucks because the colors are so pretty.  I have heard that they are working on getting the shipping fixed.  I would more likely go with Fyrinne for beautiful colors and a definite turn around time.

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